USB Communication DOWN

Have an old trustworthy Taz 5 for 4 years now.
Keeps on trucking except…
Using CURA 2.21 everything is great.
Downloaded CURE 3.61 (or so) and the printer will not connect over USB.
Go back to the older version with no problems.
Even the auto-negotiate will not connect.
Any ideas?

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Hmm… the newer firmware hardcodes the baud to 250000. Not sure if that’s the issue if you haven’t updated firmware.

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I did an upgrade to Marlin and thatis actually where the issue seemed to begin…

When you upgrade Cura, there are some “cached” files that don’t normally get removed when you remove the old version … and some instructions to remove them manually.

I’m wondering if the issue is related to any cached files that perhaps did not get deleted?

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See Section:
Upgrading? Clean your cache!