Water Cooled Budaschnozzle 2.0

I have been toying with this idea in my head for quite some time. BSN2.0’s only flaw I have found and we all know what it is… heat creep when printing PLA. Well I finally sources some parts from amazon along with a tubing bender for the small 3/16" tubing. Also ordered some 6mmOD 3mmID aluminium tubing to replace the ptfe tube in the nozzle.

Here is a video of the results: http://youtu.be/eLC2Ba4E0NU

Going to let it run over night to make sure no leaks etc and rig my multimeter up to monitor the temp at the inner tube. Will post a video of it conected to the printer and printing tomorrow if tonights Wet Run goes w/o flaw.

How did the print test go?

My test prints worked perfectly. I even left the nozzle at temp (200c) with PLA in the extruder after a print over night. In the morning I pulled the filament and was very warm at the tip but about an inch up was cool to the touch and the filament was very stiff. I would call it 100% success.

However the afternoon I was testing, my sheet of PEI (This stuff is a true miracle) arrived and after one successful print on it with PLA I put my ABS extruder back on and haven’t looked back. Next part I need that would be appropriate to use PLA I will get some video.

On a minor note, after 3 days of the pump running, I developed a single drop of water on the inlet side. The press fit of the ptfe tubing connecting the waterline and shrink wrap is not enough. Also the 2 more tubes are rathger stiff.

I ordered sone 3/16 id silicon tubing to replace and will attach with zipties. That should fix those last 2 issues

But all in all the design is working. I am now working on a jig to make bening the tubing and distorting the heatsinks into a thread like pattern which was all done by hand for the prototype. I couple jigs would make this an easy upgrade for people.

Very interesting idea Chiphead. Are you still running this setup?