Webbing between teeth

Good evening!

I’m been trying to increase the accuracy of my printer lately…

I’ve got it pretty good, except I still have one issue left. When I try to print out the large herringbone gear for the extruder, I get what I call webbing between the teeth gears.

Not sure why I’m getting this…

Stringiness is usually due to inadequate retraction.


I’ve already reduced the flow to 82% in order to correct for overextruding causing parts not to fit together properly. I guess I need to look at the retraction setting as well.

There should be a value in your slicer software like “min. Travel after retract”. That means, if the travel move is shorter than that value, it will not retract. What is your value for that, it might be too high.

I assume you mean this setting in Cura… took a bit for me to find it. :smiley: