What material is the TAZ 6 flexible bed corners ?

Hey guys, My TAZ 6 is starting to get gaps between the top of its glass plate and the bottom of its bed corner washers. Im going to reprint the bed corners to see if that fixes the problem but I couldn’t find what flexible material it they are made out of. Does anyone know ?

Thanks for your time,

Well the print file says Ninjaflex.

Thanks kmanley57 ! Do you mean the file name ? My print file name only says “bed_corner_taz6_v2”. Can you tell me where you found Ninjaflex ? That way I won’t have to bother you guys about the material of any other parts in the future :smiley:

I looked at the gcode file on the devel.lulzbot.com site in the production parts directory for the printer Model for that release of printer. :nerd:

Found it ! Thanks for your time.

i was thinking about having my machinest make me some out of alum!..then use machinest shims under each foot to adjust the ‘z’