What settings to use with Kisslicer on the TAZ?

The default settings don’t work. Anyone using Kisslicer on a TAZ who can help me with the setup?


I use KISSlicer almost exclusively, but I use it on my AO-101. KISSlicer is pretty easy to set up, go onto printer setting and put in your printer size. Make sure you set the center of the bed correctly and set extruder type to absolute E. set your filament profile and slicing profile. Then load the file in your program of choice, Repetier or Prontoface. Before running the job however home all axis, sometimes it doesn’t home right on my machine and the printer will go crazy (even though the home commands are in the Gcode)

Thanks. I found the missing settings here http://www.printrbottalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2654 (mentioned the same setting as you said) and I also copied the prefix and postfix g-code from Slic3r. I also had to change from .5mm “extrusion width” to 0.35mm.

Very important- Set Firmware type to 5D-Absolute E. Change your file extension to .gcode. Put in all your GCODE header and footer info from Slic3r.

I don’t know what happened to Slic3r but it was giving me fits and would not print anything correctly. I was about ready to send the printer back until I found this and it fixed it. So far, Kisslicer is doing a GREAT job. It produces much better tool paths. I wish I would have found Kisslicer (or posted questions on this forum) 20 hours worth of head scratching and experimenting ago.

I normally use KISSlicer but some models have problems with it, then I use slic3r.

The issues I was having with Slic3r started all the sudden and caused 100% failed prints. I wonder if reloading it might have fixed the problem?

Could someone share there setting for the AO-101? :smiley:

I was going to go to the Kisslicer forum but its been down for several days. :confused:

Even if it was online the KISSlicer forum would be useless to you, it’s been invaded by spammers for a long time. I checked it out last week and the amount of spam topics was staggering. Maybe the forum admin is finally doing something about it.

I’ve read elsewhere that KISSlicer’s future is in question, the authors do not know if they’ll continue development.

The slicer to keep an eye on at the moment is Cura, supported by Ultimaker. It’s still missing a lot of feature, but it’s evolving rapidly.

And that is sad, I love Kisslicer cause the prints I get with it are miles ahead of slic3rs. Guess I will need to do some tweaking to the settings with the newest version of Repetier and slic3r. I would love to see what 3d Builder in Windows 8.1 prints like, but no drivers unless I buy 3 printers that support Windows 8.1 printing. Their software however looks pretty damn good and runs smooth.

I am just looking for something to smooth out my prints and generate practical support material. Maybe I will check out Cura.

As for support material, I want to try the Meshmixer Germini64 mentioned in his other post.

I use Simplify3D which allows you to add supports manually which gives more flexibility. It also allows you to have individual layer settings which can come in handy. For instance, you can put down a 0.25 mm first layer so you don’t have to have a perfectly level bed but after that the rest of the layers can be as small as 0.05 without worries about adhesion or clogging. Think of it as using your first layer as a raft, without the mess of cleaning up the raft.

Its been a while since I used Sli3er or Kisslicer so I can’t say if they offer those features or not. If not, the two features I mentioned make it worth the cost of buying Simplify3D to me.

I realize this thread is really old, but is there any updated settings for ABS for KISS and the TAZ4?

Ive been having a horrible time switching over from slic3r to Kiss…

Friends were telling me the surface finish is superior on kiss. But I am finding that to be untrue.

While tweaking some settings in kiss are fixing the artifacts I found in slic3r, the external finish is not very nice.

Im trying to mimic those settings in the slic3r config, and will run a print after the current kiss gcode has finished…

Thanks :smiley: