where to post suggestions/wish list for Cura

Where is the best place to post suggestions or wish list for Cura that developers watch or read?

Cura is made by ultimaker. I’d start on their github page, which is where the actual developers are. First make sure your idea doesn’t already exist by searching the “issues” section (which is also where you’d want to post your suggestion).

Also keep in mind there is an entirely new rewrite of Cura (version 2.1.x), which Lulzbot hasn’t incorporated for use with lulzbot yet (although you could create your own profiles, etc)

Here’s the github repo for Cura

@jebba or @Orias,

I know the Lulzbot edition of Cura is off an older branch of the Cura version Ultimaker uses and therefore is quite different, so i’m not sure whether the ultimaker edition has this or not, nor do i really know where to direct this, but you guys seem like software guys from what i can tell.

A feature i would very much appreciate in the Linux version of Cura (Ubuntu/Debian) is a built-in mime type or .STL (and .OBJ, etc.) filetype association with Cura. It would make it much easier to right click on my STL files and have them automatically open Cura. This feature is found on Windows and Mac versions as far as i know and should be easy to implement. At one point i think i had manually edited my mime types and got something somewhat working (although the Cura icon was not associated with it). Anyway, this is the feature i would like most on the Linux edition of Cura. Thanks so much!