Cura 21.02 Linux bug

Nothing big, just figured i’d mention that under the linux version of cura in 21.02 clicking on >Help >Report a software problem does not work correctly. It opens up a blank web browser tab but no email address or anything else.

I mentioned this to David Hall on the support email already, so hopefully he will forward it to the IT guys.

Also not a bug, and i already mentioned it elsewhere, but a feature that is missing in the linux edition of lulzbot cura is the linking of filetype associations (or mime types). I’m pretty sure the windows and mac version can automatically open STL, OBJ, etc. files when right clicking them or double clicking them. The same feature in Ubuntu/Debian should not be hard to implement. At one point i manually edited my mime types and hacked something that somewhat worked, though not perfectly (including lack of .gcode files and the Cura logo with such files).

so i had this happen to me in the arduino IDE as well and i thought it was odd, so apparently this is not a cura bug in linux, but rather a Google Chrome bug in Ubuntu. Th behavior does not happen with firefox as my default browser.

Thank you for the feedback!