Printing non-dually material from a FlexyDually

I recently installed the FlexyDually print head and would like to continue printing material that is not in the stock dual print list (e.g.: PC, N618, T-glase, and TECH-G).

I have some ideas in mind, but don’t want to break anything:

  1. Set machine to single print head 0.5 Nozzle and unplug the second extruder.
    1a. I Would I need to update the firmware?
  2. 2D Print the 3D print settings (for reference) of the material from the expert mode single extruder profile and manually fill in the parameters in expert mode in the FlexyDually machine. (Kind of a pain in the butt.)
  3. Swap back to the single print head, update firmware, recalibrate. (Also a pain in the butt, but more so.)

Is there a good, easy way to do this?


Firmware is looking for the second heater thermistor, so if you unplugged it you would need to flash it back to a single head machine. Just use the single extruder profiles and leave it plugged in.