Which took to take off prints from bed

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn’t find any concrete answers thru the search.

I find that my prints (running eSun PLA on a taz 6) are so incredibly well stuck that they are often too difficult to take out.
I find that the blue clamp knife provided by lulzbot tends to damage the print when taking it out, and it is also really hard to use to take out as well.

Could you guys please advise what tools I should use for removing beds?
(I tend to prefer not printing with brims because they are incredibly difficult to remove, especially for the areas under the object.)

I like artist paint knives. The #2 tool in that set is my favorite. Like the clam shell knife, slide the blade under the print and work your way around the print. Resist prying up on the print… it will lift the PEI from the glass and create bubbles. The key to the tools is the bend before the blade which provides better leverage to slide the tool under the print. I also like the larger version or the Number 1 size.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the tips!

As for sliding under the print, I’m totally not able to do that with the clam shell knife. Is it supposed to be able to?

Also, should I try to pull off the prints from the bed by hand?

The handle of the clam knife gets in the way of sliding the blade under the print. It would work great if handle were lower in profile…

Removing by hand is fine. Make sure the bed temp is at or lower than 50C to ensure the PEI stays adhered to the glass. That’s really the concern with removing by hand or prying the print off the bed. At 60C, the adhesive used between the PEI and glass can still be gummy. Prying will result in the PEI coming off the glass, which leaves uneven bubbles on the surface of the bed.