Why is Cura so slow?

Ok so I’m new to the TAZ5 and Cura but not to CAD, CAM, RP and digital sculpting. I’ve been doing digital sculpting and CAD design since the late 90s. I currently own a Dimension SST 1200ES and ran all my parts on CNC for over 10 years. I only say all this to drive the point home that I’m no newbie to all the technology just Cura and the Taz 5.

After using Cura for the first time today I feel like I’m back I the 90s. I want to fricken screem! WHY is it so Sloooooooooooooow??? Just opening a file the thing bogs like crazy. Taking probably well over a minute just for a dialog box to open then the same thing just for it to refresh and display the files in the directory, then about the same to import the file in to Cura. After ONE day I feel like scrapping the entire prosumer idea and going back to my Dimension. Takes seconds to generate tool path on HUGE HEAVY poly count meshes.

Then WHY the heck isn’t there a button to command it to generate Gcode. EVERY time you make a simple change it automatically RE-regenerates the tool path. That is stupid! What about when your trying to adjust many setting??? Every time you change one thing it regenerates. That bogs your entire system & work flow down. Especially with what seams to be such a poorly written software to begin with.

IS Cura a 64 bit program? Did I install a 32 bit version?

Any input? Am I doing something wrong?

I’m on a custom built Windows 7 64 bit system with plenty RAM can remember My computer is very capable and handles all the Rhino, Z brush I can grow at it with out a hick up.

I’m not too CAD literate, and am just a couple weeks into using my TAZ 5, but I’m not seeing the issues you describe. I bring a .STL into Cura, rotate it, flip it, or duplicate it, and tell it to save GCode, and it does all that within seconds. When I send it to the TAZ, it prints. I’m using A 15" MacBook Pro Retina, with 16 Gigs of RAM and a 256GB SSD… Is there a specific test I could do to help replicate a problem you are having?

Mark -

Not sure. It was a bit better today but still very laggy. I wonder if it’s hard drive space issues. I’m about 3/4 full in a TB drive…

I don’t know, but I’d think a quarter of a TB would be plenty of storage space. We had a problem one time with a factory coordinate measuring machine (CMM) running an anti-virus program, where every time it took a point, the AV program would have to check the change to see if it was a virus. It REALLY slowed things down, so we disabled the AV program, and it sped the CMM right up again. Just a thought…

Mark -

I installed and used for the first time yesterday on my Shop laptop, and did my first print. Lenovo with XP Pro, not connected to the internet and Automatic updates disabled, it did ok. My inside laptop again another Lenovo with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Neither one seems slow with Cura.

I do have Automatic updates notify only and Windows Defender turned off. I have a anti virus program installed that I can turn off. I go through my Startup using Run MSCONFIG every so often and remove a lot of startup run in the background stuff installed when you add a new program.

I came from the days of MS-DOS and don’t want a lot of useless resource robbing programs running in the background.

Anyway I noticed you list Rhino as your 3D program, I have done CAD in the past but no 3D. I think TinkerCAD is interesting for some things but want something more.