Will anyone sell me silicone socks for my Taz 6?

I’ve spent weeks, gone through 8 molds and 2 tubes of silicone, and the silicone just will not cure. Inside the mold basically stays the same consistency as when it came out of the tube.
I’ve tried waiting as long as 72 hours and haven’t had any luck. I’ve used dish soap like the instructions say, silicone mold releaser, and even Vaseline like someone mentioned in a comment. I’m trying to use this design: Silicone Sock for Lulzbot Hexagon Hotend by pyr0ball - Thingiverse if that matters. If there is some extra trick to this I’m all ears. Otherwise I’m willing to pay if somebody else is able to make them for me.
Thanks for any help

What exact sealant are you using to make them?

I’ve done some, and had no issues, so it sounds like instead of buying socks from someone, you just need to buy the right silicone.

FWIW, the socks didn’t do much of anything as far as temperature stability goes. Mostly just made it slightly less likely for some plastics to stick to the hot end.

I’m using this silicone: https://www.acehardware.com/departments/automotive-rv-and-marine/auto-tools-and-maintenance/automotive-gasket-compounds/8068681

I used this one. Permatex Optimum Type-1 High Temperature Gasket Maker 3.35 oz 1 pk - Ace Hardware

Higher heat resistance, and was cured in about 48 hrs. Very strong odor when opened after curing, despite what is said on packaging.