Wiper Pad Replacements

Anyone know where to purchase wiper pad replacements for the TAZ 6. Getting error message saying the nozzle needs rewiping and want to replace the wiping pad. Everywhere I check they say they are out of stock. Meanwhile can’t use the 3d printer. Or is there another solution I’m not aware of. Thanks !

I usually heat the nozzle up slightly above wiping temps and use a rag to clean off the nozzle. I dont rely on the cleaning pad at all to clean the nozzle, and have had the same one on for about a year now. Also, if I am using a nylon type filament, I’ll heat the nozzle up, turn the printer off and then use a soft metal brush to make sure the nozzle doesn’t have any extra plastic on it. That’s what I have ben doing, and have not had that issue.

You can buy some felt pads at the hardware store and cut your own. Or cut up a scotch brite pad or something similar.

The sources I know of all seem to be out of them.

You can make your own following these instructions: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/quiver-wiper-pad-intructions/

Based on the instructions, it seems the Scotch-Brite pads are 6x9" pads (before being cut into the wiper-pad size) and then dipped in the glue solution and dried.

Have you flipped the wiper pad?
I flipped mine about 2 years ago and am still using it.
I try to wipe the nozzle with old tee shirt when ever I’m close enough to the printer when the print is done.

Flipped the wiper pad and wiped the nozzle down. It’s working fine now!Thanks !!!