Work related and the joy of paint markers

Finally, another sorta work related Taz 6 print…

Long story short…I was able to get the ‘finished’ part from the digital file of a mold we had made last summer. It’s a plastic food lug/tote that we manufacture. At the time, I didn’t have the skills to extract the “actual part” from the entire mold assembly model provided by the moldmaker. Now I can.

So, I shrank it down to be the perfect size for a business card holder and we’ll be sending some to key customers with a few Ghirardelli squares as well. Had to learn some more stuff too…as shrinking it to ~1/10 size made it so thin (~.005" thick) it was initially unprintable. Learned how to thicken it all up, learned more about more complex support structures and voila.

The other thing I do is make my Dad (who we bought the company from) something holiday related each year out of stuff we make or stuff we use to make stuff. A snowman out of 3 different diameter clear reflectors/etc. Or something cut from a CNC router after he built one from scratch. This year, he’s getting an ornament of one of our plastic tubs laden with Christmas presents.

Also, I have found that paint markers are the single best method yet for decorating unicolor prints. The fine point ones work better. $2.99 at Hobby Lobby.

I’d say you are coming along - looks great! Now you need a little elf with the gifts :smiley:

Looks interesting!