Working on changing my lulzbot taz pro tool head to

hello everyone, so im changing out my dual tazpro tool head ( the actual tool head will be used) to a Revo v6 system while still having the dual functions… In this setup i will be loosing a couple of inches of z height but the sacrifice in my personal opinion is worth it when the ability to swap out parts like a nozzle or bad thermistor will be worth it. Ive worked a couple hurdles out and will post soon when the machine is up and running with the new setup.
My current question and ultimate concern is the 100k Semitec NTC Thermistor, since the revo system doesn’t appear to have this as an option i have opted for the 104TN, how do I make changes to let the printer know i will be using a different thermistor ?

I swapped out the Titan Aeros on my Pro Dual with Hemera Revo toolheads. I’m running custom firmware, but the thermistors are still programmed as the same “#5 thermistor” in the firmware as when it was running the stock Pro dual

5 : 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2/104NT-4-R025H42G (Used in ParCan, J-Head, and E3D) (4.7k pullup)

BTW, with the hemera toolheads you don’t lose any significant Z height (you do lose some X width since the nozzle is further to the left though), and the dual-gear extruder is far superior to the Titan Aeros.

Very nice let me know if you happen to have written up your process. I know the pins on the thermostat are different from the factory setup not sure if you changed the pins out or found an adapter.

No write-up, I was expecting to need a few more revisions, but it’s been working great for 6 months now.

For the pins, I just put a connector that matched the Revo on the original harness.

Aaa well if you happen to know where to get the harness let me know . I can design mounts , the idea of swapping pins out or doing anything with code is where i get lost.

Here we have some nice engineering. Meanwhile, the “Galaxy Dual” extruder has been in the works for like 2 years now for the mythical “Taz Pro 2” I see referenced in the latest firmwares. This Taz Pro 2 will, for what I can determine, be different in only a few ways - textured PEI build plate, the cosmetically different filament runout detector, and this vaporware “Galaxy Dual.” Same Marlin, same Archim 2, same platform from 2019.

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That’s … interesting news, I’d say good if there was progress and talks one actually coming out. Since it seems like it was just a possibility then I’ll stick to interesting until we get any further news, for now I’m waiting on my thermistors to get my printer back up and running . In the meantime lulzbot for the love of all things what can we do to lower these shipping prices for small items like thermistors? $17 for shipping on an item that’s $18 is very high to say the least.

I’d like to re-engineer it so that there’s only a single servo used (to free the other servo line for BLTouch), but as I said earlier, it’s been in use for the last 6 months and I haven’t had enough downtime to do the firmware and mount changes. I’ve put in an order request for a trio of X1Es that should give me freedom to experiment with the Pro again.

I haven’t seen anything on the Pro 2, and even the “ready for market, awaiting marketing” Mini 3 hasn’t been mentioned for months.

A dual extruder, larger bed version of the Mini 3 would be promising as a Pro2, but for my production runs, the Viking CoreXY they were showing off at RMRRF would be way better.

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Well, they are selling the Mini 2 on clearance right now. Could be soon. Could be never. Not sure it will be Klipper since they have a MiniV3 in the bugfix Marlin.

src_dir = Marlin
boards_dir = buildroot/share/PlatformIO/boards
default_envs =

It’s not using the same board though, looks to be an SKR board.

The Taz Pro 2 appears to be the “development machine” option in the latest Cura. Here is a snippet from the “136-development-machine” branch of their Marlin:

// Choose the name from boards.h that matches your setup
#if ANY(MiniV2, Sidekick_289, Sidekick_747)
#elif ANY(Workhorse, TAZ6)
#elif ANY(TAZPro, TAZProXT, TAZProV2)
#elif ENABLED(MiniV3)

I really really hope that wasn’t the type of machine they were using for making printed parts around May of this year. That’s when my XT was built and man, are those printed parts rough.

Well, they said it was running Klipper on a Manta m5p with CANBUS at RMRRF -

The SKR3 EZ board does support CANBUS, so maybe they’re just trying both?

I see the reason for klipper and input shaping and all . With all my machines ( 3 FDM) being older on marlin and accuracy over speed being my priority I guess it hasn’t been a big interest. Now seeing that it’s a new machine I can see the benefits and excitement for it but I’m trying to keep these 3 running for as long as possible and simple to swap parts out has been my biggest interest. My gmax 2 I swapped out to the revo and that was great for nozzle swaps and when my thermistor is shot it takes seconds to swap out with a new one. Along with my type a machines I also swapped out to a revo ( being able to have nozzles interchangeable and all other parts genuinely helps out so much).
So I guess my largest interest is having the lulzbot pro working with revo on the dual pro and maybe raising its acceptable print temp. Wrathernaut pretty much your setup is what I’d like to have up and running with E3D higher temp setup .

If I were buying components to do a dual extruder based on the Taz Pro Dual, I wouldn’t do the Hemeras. Their off-center nozzles make things unnecessarily difficult. I’d go with a more vertical setup, probably a pair of BMG extruders, or print up mirrored mini sherpas or orbiters. But this is at my work and we had the Hemeras to experiment with.

You’ll see the setup I have , I’m going to lose some z height but nothing too crazy . I’ll definitely have to redesign part cooling . All I want to do is finish off my 2.85 filament to then only run 1.75mm with all my machines