Worth fixing a Mini 1.03?

Hey there,

So I was bitten by the bed thermistor issue, which I seemingly temporarily mitigated by replacing the wires between the board and the bed connector with longer wires to reduce the strain on the thermistor wires. However, it seems that my luck is up, as I’ve been able to print for a few months since then. However, I started getting repeated MINTEMP errors and I think the next step is to replace the bed, which is $80.

The thing is, I’ve got a new printer that takes 1.75mm filament arriving on Friday. I got the mini in 2015 and it’s had a good run. I’ve got a number of partial rolls of 2.85mm filament that won’t be useful with it, which it would be nice to use up.

While I’m not making any final decisions on this topic today, I’m wondering if it’s worth replacing the bed on the mini.

I guess my concern is if I were to replace the bed, are there any other hardware failures which I could expect?



Oh, and I have an aerostruder new in box which I never got to try out… :sob:

Sounds like it’s still a wiring issue, which should be $free to fix. The Mini is still a good (albeit small) unit for doing small projects with noxious filaments, since it’s so portable and easy to enclose or move to a properly ventilated area.

I don’t know if I’d spend $80 on a new bed for it, but I would definitely disassemble and re-do the bed wiring… but I enjoy putting work over $ into projects, even if it isn’t technically worth the time.

My friend has the mini. It is such a solid machine and makes wonderful prints if enclosed. He just has 5 pieces of foam taped together with a cutout for the control box so that is not in the box. front piece of foam has a tape tab to pull to access the machine. He has a larger machine also. But if it will fit into the mini, that is where it gets printed because of the auto bed leveling and it just works every time and works so well. Then if doing a large project with multiple parts you print the large ones on your new printer, and the small ones on the mini. I think it is worth fixing. They are just darn good machines.
My 2 cents. I am upgrading a larger tazbot to all linear rail and He has been printing on both machines for me.

Well, I’ve replaced the wires twice, and each time, it works for a while and then gets the same fault, so I likely need to get better wiring!