Noisy X-Axis, but only on slow movement

Folks, I have hardened rods and metal bushings, but for the life of me, can’t figure out why I’m geting such bad resonating on the X-axis. Strangely, it only happens during certain movements. Here’s an example…

I checked for level, and everything is tight. I’ve tried re-seating the bearings, but seems to still happen. Thoughts?

You might have just found a harmonic vibration frequincy. Certain speeds will produce sounds that resonate better than others. I would suspect a loose screw with a washer in it somewhere on the X or Y axis that si vibrting rapidly at that speed. You can minimize some of that noise by adding Astrosyn dampers to the X and Y axis (don’t bother with the Z axis, the printer doesn’t move enough on Z to be worth the effort and it won’t fit easily on the extruder. It’s either that or you have a belt rubbing somewhere, or maybe a bearing starting to go in a motor but that would be less likely.