X-axis stepper broken shaft

The shaft from the x-axis stepper broke from my Mini.

I’ve had this printer for about 5 months, but hadn’t printed anything in the past 4 weeks. Last week, when it started self level, the x-axis stepper started making a grinding noise and the head wouldn’t move in that axis.

After closer inspection, the timing belting wasn’t moving at all and I suspected it got jammed on the bearing opposite the stepper. I powered off the machine to allow manual movement of the motors. It was quite jammed, and after a few hard pulls of the timing belt, I managed to break the stepper motor shaft.

The pulley mounted on the stepper motor is now stuck between the mount assembly so I’ll have to take it apart to replace the motor.

Has anyone encountered this before?

P.S. I also own a Taz 4 and have been printing on it for over a year.

There was a batch of bad motors that went out with a few of the mini printers. I would call support even though you are out of warranty.

He’s still in warranty – it’s a year.