Y-Axis Endstop Connections

I recently experienced some y-axis layer shifting on a Taz 6. I contacted support and we went through the basic stuff; check for missing belt teeth, tension, set screws are tight. There was nothing loose. But for some reason, instead of taking what seems like the next logical step and checking to make sure the cables are securely fastened they’re asking me to to do test prints and hope for the best.

I had a similar problem with the x-axis a couple months ago and support helped me fix it, it turned out to be a loose wire sending false endstop signals.

If it’s anything like my past issue it’s a random problem, I could print a bunch of things successfully before an occurrence. I’d have to print something fairly large to test it with any degree of certainty. That’s a lot of time and material to waste for the problem to repeat right near the end of a large print.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. Is there some reason I can’t check the connections first? I’m not talking about any kind of detailed diagnostics (whatever that may be), just simply pushing the cords in farther. I really don’t understand why support dug their heels in on this and will neither tell me what cables to check or why it’s such a big deal to check it now vs. after doing more potentially wasteful printing and frankly I’m annoyed they won’t explain.

  2. Does anyone know what wires I should check? I’m looking for specific details (ie: not “check all connections”) because with my x-axis the problem was a connection hidden behind the print head assembly, I wouldn’t have found that on my own.