Taz4 2014-Q3 Firmware

My Taz 4 (less than a month old) doesn’t expose a Z movement from the onboard LCD. The UI graph (PDF for LCD menu) included in the firmware download lists this in the UI.

I re-flashed to see if that would correct it, but I still can’t see Z in the menus.

Was this feature disabled or removed for a reason?

Are you selecting the 1mm increment?

I recently flashed with the latest firmware and mine shows the Z-Axis movement.

Ahh, I am selecting the 10mm, as I stopped the print and want to get the head out of the way, moving by 1mm would seem slow. I will check once my next print is done.

moving by 1mm would seem slow

Yea, I don’t know what’s up with that. It is slow and takes a bit too long to move the extruder up.

I use 10mm in Octoprint without issues.

1mm just seems excessively conservative.

But I guess since you are using the knob to move, it’s pretty easy to move too far if the increment is too high.