Z axis stuck Please help!

Hey all,

My Z axis has become uneven, and grinds when I attempt to move it. Anyway I can move it manually?

It’s a Taz 4.


Turn off the motors or power off the printer. Then turn one of the leadscrews to make it level.


Thanks! Any tips on how to ensure both sides are exact?

Use a bubble level to get close, then power the printer back up and use a feeler gauge to make sure the distance from the nozzle to the bed is the same across the length and width of the bed. A thin metal rular works well for this. Move it, check, move it again over an inch, check, etc.

Thanks again!

once powered down, physically unplug the right hand motor. Otherwise moving one will induce current in the other and move it as well. will drive you crazy. besure to plug it back in before powering on the printer and moving the z