Zoinks! Can you mix hex and budda on dual head?

I just realized I really got 3 heads already. I got the taz5 and came with a hex and extuder. Just bought a flexi-dualie. Is there any reason I cant take the hex+extruder off the single plate, take the flexi+budda off the dualie, and put the hex+extuder on the dualie givin me a head that prints dual ABS (or ABS+PVA)?

Is it legit to use one budda and one hex at the same time? Any drawbacks or considerations? Shold the hex be #1 or doesn’t it matter?

I was wondering the same thing…

Turns out the hex may stick out a little further from the aluminum plate (something like 4mm). Which would require the adapter plate or modifying the extruder.

On top of that I think you need different firmware for the thermistor… If the firmware just takes into account a temp difference, maybe its just a matter of adding the +/- offset.

I’m curious to hear what you figure out.

One challenge with most dual systems is getting the nozzles exactly at the same height. It’s hard enough with two identical hot ends, with two very different hot ends the task is much harder.

The E3D-System hot ends (Kraken, Chimera) all have independently height-adjustable nozzles - a really excellent feature.