1.2MM nozzle extrusion line TAZ Pro

Hey Everyone! I just purchased a new Printer Head with a 1.2MM nozzle on it, and I cant seem to figure out why I’m getting this line straight down my prints. it seems to be pretty consistent and where the printer seems to start and stop the filament when printing the outside layer. Picture attached

I’m okay with the actual print quality I do have some gaping and such in other places, but it just the line straight down t5he one side that wont pass my quality check

Take a look your print preview in Cura (Layer View)
I bet you see a lot of yellow lines up that z seam

I had that on a recent print. It was suggested to increase horizontal expansion by 0.1 , preview and keep adding until those yellow gaps went away,

You can also change the z seam to “randomly” move up to the next layer so that it’s not always on the same spot on the Z-axis, thus minimizing that seam line.

Also, 1.2mm nozzle is HUGE, evidence of layer hops will be unavoidable, only tricks you can do to minimize its appearance.

You can also try printing in vase mode. That will continuously print the outer shell while spiraling upward. However, then you can’t print anything inside of the shell walls. Maybe a nice thick outer shell is all you need? Maybe scale your model down then use vase mode as an outer sleeve and put the pieces together?

I have lots of fun with 1.2mm nozzles. What I am seeing here is your retraction is too aggressive and it’s sucking in filament. Lower it a bit and retry. If it’s still a crevasse, lower it more. Eventually it will get near flat (but still a seam, unfortunately).