4 home probing point ls

We just got my son the Mini and we are having troubles with the 4 Home Probing points. Not sure what I did but it won’t go to its home points anymore :frowning:

I don’t have a Mini but I seem to remember that you may need to level the x axis. Search this forum for details.

BTW, there are multiple models of the Mini and it might be useful if we knew which one you have. There should be a plate on it with the model number and serial number which will help us help you figure it out. You can change the last two digits of the serial number to xx if you like.

Thank you for your help I am completely new to this and have no clue what I am doing MODEL # KT-PR0047NA-17XXX. I appreciate any help! Thank you!

Here are some picture I can’t get video downloaded

It looks like you added the tool head without updating the firmware or selecting the new tool head in marlin. The regular aero tool heads have the nozzle farther right and it’s trying to probe there.

The tool head has been on for a while and it was working ok.

If you can post video to youtube of the attempted homing, that will be of the most us to us here to help you.

But it’s obvious from the picture that the nozzle is not clean:

And that much plastic will certainly ruin an attempted bed level.

And as zenotek mentioned you may not be running with the correct toolhead offsets. Record your z probe offset (since it should definitely be changed from stock due to the octograb build surface) and then use the toolhead menu on the mini2 to select the M175v2. It could have changed back to a default printhead and not using the correct x/y offsets.

Does it work with the SE Tool Head that came on the printer?

The M175 that is on there looks to be a V1, which has a different nozzle offset than the the SE and M175 V2.

What firmware do you have installed on the printer?

Good catch! I didn’t even look for that difference, assuming everybody did the v2 update. That would definitely account for the homing being screwed up.

Exactly as bthoennes said - you’re running a M175v1, and the only M175 on the firmware you’re running is the M175v2.

Do you have an alternate toolhead you can use to print up the M175v2 parts?

They’re right here: v2-0/stl · master · LulzBot 3D / Tool Heads / M175 Tool Head · GitLab

If you don’t have an alternate toolhead, the parts are just $10 from lulzbot M175 v2 Fan Shroud Kit | LulzBot