Anyone thought of installing E3D Hemera

With the onset of the new E3D Hemera anyone thought of mounting one on Taz 6 im about to buy one and share some thoughts on fitting it…

E3D has a Taz 6 mount ready to go.

in the process of doing said bracket the wiring is not strait forward got all the connectors and the hemera (24v) ordered that because I thought the Taz was 24 v Heat sink fan for Taz 5v (e3d supplied 24v) and the blower fan is 24v (lulzbot) so now I have to source a new heatsink fan and a new Blower fan

I’m on a TAZ 5 but I got mine working. Not sure which version of the RAMBo board TAZ 6 comes with but on mine the blower was connected to the pins labeled PWM so I simply pulled it out and plugged it into the X30 pin which is 24v (aux power out).

Sorry if this is a redundant post. Anyone have reaction to this? Easier to use? Works better?

already done it working well

I have one running on a Taz 2. It has been working flawlessly. As soon as it comes back in stock, I will be replacing several more toolheads with Hemera.