Taz 6 convert to bondtech and mosquito setup


Ive had nothing but issues with the factory head on my Taz 6.

It always clogs and never feeds properly. Now having pulled it apart so many times to clean it out it has started to have parts break on it like thermistor wires fan wires, hexagon shaft etc. I’M DONE WITH IT…
I have purchased a Bondtech and mosquito hot end set up in 1.75mm and will print a bracket to mount it to the Taz 6 but does anyone know any changes i will need to do to the Taz 6 to have these work correctly or will making a wiring harness to the circuit board be all i need to do?

Thanks in advance.

Mosquito is a nice design but expensive, Skip the Bond Tech and go with the new champion on the block, the Hemera This post may help you with what you’re looking for:

Actually, search this forum on Hemera and look through the few posts.

One problem though, the Hemera may not be available tight now. I just broke my aerostruder print head, so I’d be interested in this. More interesting for me would be a dual Hemera print head to replace the Dually v3. Good luck with your project! Keep us updated about it.

I have purchased the bondtech and mosquito already so thats what im going with now lol


Did you ever get your bondtech/mosquito set up on your TAZ 6?

I’m looking at setting them up on my TAZ 6’s and wondering what your thoughts are.