AO-101 Prints at 0.05mm

Just wanna show one of my prints from my 1 year old AO-101. Its still a great printer with many hours on it and i never touched a bold on it. Only upgraded it with the Budaschnozzle 2.0.

This is the key from The Hobbit.
Its printed with a 0.5mm Budaschnozzle 2.0 at 0.05mm layer height in Cura. The key is 12.62mm high (one half) and it took 250 layers to print. It was printed in just 2 hours 20 minutes. :mrgreen:

Nice prints!

Would you mind sharing your Cura settings?

Sure, no problem.
current_profile.ini (2.85 KB)

So I did my first test print and the sides came out very nicely but the top came out poorly and I got a random error on one side. I will have to see how the next set comes out after tweaking it.

Cant figure out what I have down now but the something is cause the extruder to pull all the filament out. Has anyone had this happen?

I saw that on my Taz 2 when the extruder motor was losing steps on the return from retraction. Watch the extruder drive gear, when it retracts, do you hear a short louder howling noise? If so, the acceleration or speed may be set too high in the firmware. Mine was. I suppose Cura might be setting those speeds in gcode as well. I have not had any retraction problems with Cura.

From the ini file that was posted:
retraction_speed = 20
retraction_amount = 2.5

You might just reduce the retraction amount. 1 or 1.2 is generally enough on my machine with ABS.

Also check that pesky small drive gear set screw. that thing is sneaky and comes loose sometimes.

I must have messed up some settings when I imported them. I used your profile from another thread and the prints came out pretty good. I may tweak them as I become more comfortable. The edges came out better with Andy W’s setting though the print speed was slower.