Bed retract when finished printing

I thought I read the bed is suppose to retract and come forward after a print? Mine is retracting to the back of the printer? Is this correct? If so is there a way to make the bed home to the forward position after a print?

You may have installed your bed in the opposite direction. I’m not quite sure though. I would post pictures of your setup.

On my Mini, it retracts to the back just after a print to allow it to cool down… Once it get’s to a specific temp(easiest to remove model), it then moves forward.

Probably a dumb question, just curious if you’re waiting long enough for it to cool down?

Add an G-code end script with: G1 X125 Y275. This will move the nozzle to the back and center-ish.

I dident install the bed in the wrong orientation it would not work based on the wing connections.

Dawgbone Your right last several prints I have reached back and popped the part off the bed before the bed cooled down all the way. I just took a print off and it was In the forward position.