Mini: retract bed position to center or back of printer

Simple question.
When I last completed a print it move the bed to the forward position. (slightly extended beyond the printer case)
I want to physically move the printer.
Can seem to ascertain how to move the bed back to the middle of the printer or back of the printer such that it doesn’t get damaged.

Turning off the printer doesn’t reset the position.

If you just want the bed to move back to the home position…

Motion Controls.JPG
In the upper right there is a button that shows a house and a Y, that will send your bed back to home…or to the very back. If you want to center the bed, the only way I know of doing it is hit the Y-up arrow until it’s at the center.


The previous solution will move the bed once. After the next print it will happen again. If you want all of your prints to have the bed end up somewhere else you need to change your print profile.

This is all controlled by the end.gcode section in the profile. You can edit it in Cura if you enter “full settings mode” in the Expert menu. You should see a tab “Start/End G-Code”.

I think the exact line that’s making it move to the front is:

G1 X145 Y175 Z156 F1000 ; move to cooling positioning


It should be obvious which one you mean because of the embedded coordinates, but just in case it isn’t, the comments indicate two “move to cooling position” lines – at least with ABS profile I’m using right now. Anyway, the second one after the lines shutting off the heaters is the one he’d want to modify. The Y range is 5 to 175 so maybe 90 on the second “move to cooling position” line would get him where he wants.

Personally, I just push the bed back to a position I want by hand. Is that a bad idea? I suppose the stepper could generate a small voltage when I do that.