PrintRun, print temperature & print start


Does anyone know if it is possible to set a parameter that the printer waits until the target temperature (extruder + bed) is reached ? I experience that my printer starts as soon as I press the “print” button, which makes no sense.

Waiting for the temperature next to the printer is just lost of timer, even if it is interresting/important to check the 1st layer.

Same happens for me if I try Repetier-Host.

Many thanks for any feedback

If you embed the temperature into the slic3r profile, it won’t print until it reaches that exact temperature. There is a temperature listing for heat bed and for the extruder.

My advice however would be not to use it.

The problem is that the unit won’t print until both temperatures have reached Exactly that temperature. On a 12 volt bed unit that means that the tiny variances in hot end and bed temperature can add an additional 10-20 minutes to the time it takes for both temperatures to stabilize to the point they hit that temperature. 230.01 c won’t work 229.99c won’t work. etc.

The setting mentioned above can be found in Slic3r, at Filament Settings > Filament > Temperature Extruder/Bed. Change whatever’s present to “0” and Slic3r will not embed any temperature related Gcode commands. You’ll then manually set the temperature through either the Graphical LCD controller or through your printer host software of choice.

Many thanks for the feedback, will consider ev. try it.