Cura 2.6.69 Load Time is very long

Hi Forum, Just installed Cura 2.6.69 on a linux machine (Linux Mint, Sylvia) to use the new Aerostruder on my Taz5. Contrary to the rest of the reviews, the printer and software are behaving pretty well.

However, it takes FOREVER to load, roughly 3 minutes. Most of that time the splash screen indicates that it is “loading machines” and the terminal output indicates that it’s loading profiles for every machine in the resources/definitions directory. I’d like to change this behavior in the hope of speeding up start-up. I tried simply deleting the machine definitions (except all Taz-5 definitions) but it didn’t help start-up time at all.

Given that I’m only ever going to use the software for lulzbot machines (and even within that only the Taz5 profiles) does anyone know if there is a way to prevent Cura from loading alternate machine profiles?

Thanks in advance.

Update from the repo

This has been fixed in the upstream 3.2.xx branch we are currently working on incorporating, and we will not be able to get it fixed in the 2.6.xx branch

Better luck in the next release, I guess.