Home Z without X and Y

Hi All,

I just got back into 3D printing and i’m wondering why I cant home Z before homing X and Y anymore?

I don’t have auto leveling functioning right now and i usually just would just set the Z axis around the middle of the bed.

Did they program this into the Cura so that you have to set a proper Z height at the 0,0,0 point and then you would manually move the head to the other four corners and use the bed screws to adjust to that nozzle height? I find this method works but, was this intentional?


This was a change made in Marlin FW when we incorporated the upstream branch 1.1.8.xx iirc. Essentially Marlin does not recognize where the print head is located when the printer is first turned on. In order to get its “bearings” it will require you to home before allowing movement of the print head. This prevents damage to printer by preventing movement outside the allowable area as defined by marlin.