Leveling TAZ 5 with Cura LE 2.6.69

Hi Everyone,

I have a TAZ 5 and have been running Cura 21.08 with great success since it’s release. I recently purchased the Aerostruder and modular print surface so I thought it would be a good time to update to Cura 2.6.69

After installing the Aerostruder and print bed/surface, I started the bed-leveling procedure that I usually go through (TAZ 5 = no auto bed leveling). There seems to be an issue in the software.

I started in the front left corner, adjusted the thumb screw, then moved to the next corner. However, in the new version of Cura, when I press to ‘home’ the Z-axis, it also homes the X-axis. It does this no matter what I do. In the older version of Cura, when I pressed Z-home, it would just home the Z-axis at whatever location the hotend was at. Now, it moves the X-axis all the way to the home position before homing the Z-axis? Is this intentional? Am I missing something? How do I now check the Z-axis clearance at the home position in the 3 corners that aren’t at the home ‘all’ position?

The home procedure is handled a little differently on the newer firmware used for the Aerostruder, this behavior is intentional. Moving to the home position before the Z home command is executed is supposed to prevent the printer from moving beyond the X/Y axis accidentally. It’s a behavior in Marlin that does not make as much sense on the Taz 5, but is required for other printers including the Mini.

For checking the distance, I would do a Z home then give the printer X/Y movement commands to move to each corner, that way it will still be in the same Z position for your check.

Does the current Marlin firmware for the TAZ 5 implement the manual version of G29?

Seems strange but ok. I don’t think moving the x-axis or y-axis is a good idea with the z at home position is a good idea in case the bed is off-level. My workaround was to move the z up 10 mm and then back down 10mm manually at each of the corners.
I guess what I don’t understand is, why is there a Z-Home button if it homes the XZ axes? Will it home only the Z axis on a TAZ 6 or Mini?