Cura LE Experimental feedback


So I have a Taz 6 and the Taz Pro XT here & have a few suggestions/feedback

First, with the M175 tool head and others, changing the nozzles are pretty easy.

Can future builds of Cura offer the Nozzle Size option? I know we can just change the Line Width in the Quality settings but this might be easier?

As soon as I launched the newest version (4.13.5) and the experimental version of Cura LE (4.13.6), on start up, it said my profiles were corrupt for my Taz 6. It prompted to try to fix them and instead, wiped them out. Yikes. That kinda sucks.

Finally, I’m a bit baffled when I need to update the firmware on my machines. Checking my machine, I have Marlin 2.1.3…20 BT. I go back to Cura, Manage Printers and Update Firmware. I see a newer version there with links to Before updating and After Updating. However, I don’t see a link to what this newer firmware offers. I think from a customer perspective, we lean towards the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. However, if we could quickly pull up the firmware notes and see what is new, that helps us make a better decision.

There’s a few ideas!

Starting with they stopped committing the changes to GitLab. All anyone can say for certainty is what is in and earlier. is one to avoid as they went back to 3x3 bilinear instead of 4x4. And if you have the XT, I have an open GitLab issue regarding the z fade height option not working in Marlin and should not be turned on.

As for what is in I have no idea either. If you have I would stay on it, or revert back to it by getting the firmware out of the GitLab Cura-LE repo.

I have a custom Marlin build for my XT and Pro based on the .21 branch that enables UBL and uses a 11x11 grid. The biggest issue I fixed was the build area not being centered on the bed. But to use it you will need to true up your bed position by using Lulzbot’s positioning jigs that despite OHAI showing as needing to be done during assembly, all my Taz Pro printers show they didn’t do a very good job of positioning the bed on the frame. And Marlin doesn’t allow z max endstops when you have a z min probe so there’s the issue of leveling the x gantry from time to time. And I changed it to home Z on the bed and not at the top. But I gained having a very fine mesh that I can save and load at print time doing only a minimal G29 J3 to tilt it if needed.

Also, the probe offset for X and Y is just plain wrong in the firmware, if you are using the Lulzbot BL Touch. It’s like someone accidentally typed an extra 0 in the y offset.

Ugh, that’s very frustrating.
Who at Lulzbot can help sort this out?
I’ve been wanting to do some extensive printing and testing since adding the BL Touch module they sent but it hasn’t worked out very well.

The Lulzbot Marlin repo is now updated on GitHub.

You guys cranked up the acceleration on print and travel moves, and upped the feedrates on x and y for the Taz Pro platform. I am getting tremendous layer shifts now. On what planet do you think a Taz Pro is capable of these speeds?

Yikes, so I should probably not upgrade?

They changed the travel acceleration to 4000 from 500. However, I’m not certain this has made its way to a release yet. It might be in the .24 version, not really sure.

Do we have a way in the forum to offer feedback to whoever is writing the firmwares?

There’s a few employees you can mention, but the gitlab is probably the most direct line.

Brian and Carl I think are the main firmware developers, they both post on here from time to time. I’m basing this on the number of commits they make. Not sure if GitLab is where you go to open an issue, since they moved to GitHub.

i would like a factory reset option (if not hooked up to a computer or removable drive)