Cura LE hangs up

I am running Cura 3.6.23 and after I’ve opened it a few times it hangs. If I do an %appdata% search then delete the Cura and Cura data files in Windows Explorer, I can open it again but it has all default settings. Does anybody know a good way to save my settings so that I don’t have to go through every menu changing things back the way I want them to be or better yet, have an idea why it hangs that way in the first place?

So your “fix” is what is deleting the things that are saving those settings. Sometimes there is a program that doesn’t get shut down when cura crashes/closes. The program’s name has something to do with slicer for cura, if you end this task it may allow you to open cura again.

I don’t currently have a fix and am looking for something better.

Right, im saying that this program may be causing the hang. If you are able to end the task it might fix the hang and allow you to keep your settings as you are not deleting the cache. image

Cura has started working well again for me as of July 2022. I think something reset or updated in Windows 11. I have several programs that are working better than they have in a good while.