📢 Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 v2.4 Beta Testing - Now with more MAC in every download!

Still hoping for changes to the Pro BL Touch have a bigger mesh for the probe points? (5 x 5 would be my wish)

Unless they changed to bilinear, which I’m not sure they did, it doesn’t matter how many points you probe the result is the same tilted plane. In fact, probing four would be just as effective as probing 400. This is why adding octograb makes my prints worse as the metal plate is an order of magnitude less flat than the glass pei sheet. So I have invested in close to a thousand in octograb and bl touches for my printers only to have them print worse.

Odd. I had the exact opposite result with flatness when I added the Octograb to my Taz 6. Maybe I just had a bad glass plate beforehand, but one of my early (successful) tests was about a full bed 25mm x 25mm x 5mm rectangles all on one sheet (standing on the short end, I think it was 360 of them. 54 hours and just under 1kg of filament). That was before I’d added BLTouch, so still basic four-point washer leveling with a M175v2.

Mine are junk I guess. The printing on the plates isn’t straight either so it looks like the prints are skewed. Talking about the grid pattern on them.

Well, this is disappointing.
I downloaded the latest Beta.
I checked the Machine settings to make sure BL Touch was checked off.

I ran the firmware update
Now after the update, when I went to do the Back Lash calibration, the nozzle wipe is off the right side of the wipe pad. And after a few good whacks to the bed, it did the calibration.
I keyed in the previous setting to the Z Offset, per the instructions
Then I had it do a probe mesh.
And the BL Touch isn’t being used at all.
Now it is in a constant loop of touching the front two spacers, homing to the top of the machine, then back to touching the front spacers.

So, apparently I screwed the machine up so I can’t use the probe.


Hello fellow XT owner!

I had to select upload a custom firmware, and navigate to:

C:\Program Files\cura-lulzbot 4.13\resources\firmware\Pro_XT

Here you have two options,

Marlin_TAZProXT_Universal_BLTouch_2. (linear bed leveling, stable)
Marlin_TAZProXT_Universal_BLTouch_2. (bilinear bed leveling, unstable)

For the reason behind the instability, see this issue (which I have personally experienced)

I don’t know why it doesn’t select the correct one automatically, probably why it’s still in beta.

Well, Beta should indicate the basics work. I mean, homing and using the probe is pretty darn important!

I’ve given up for tonight - I actually did some work upgrading a Taz 6 that was handed off to me a year ago.

I think I will opt for the Linear Bed Leveling Stable.
(Have they increased the mesh points from 3x3 to bigger? Like 5x5? I keep asking here but no one answers)

Any thoughts on the wipe on the outside of the right wipe pad?

Thank you! I’ll try this tomorrow night.

It’s 4x4 in the bilinear, but probably still 3x3 in the linear. It could be 99x99 in the linear it will just as accurate as 2x2. Don’t know about the wiping issue - I’m taking my chances with the newer firmware and don’t have that issue. The z motor will do the squeal thing either the first time it homes, or never at all assuming you leave it on forever.

Ah good catch, yes, I want bilinear. That’s what I have on the Marlin settings I’ve used on my other machines here (CR-10Ss, Eryone Thinkers, etc etc)

I mean, there’s like ten of us that have this printer. They probably focused more on the Minis and relied on us to test the lesser used models.

Oh don’t make excuses for them - you paid $5500 for that machine!

Next build should remedy the issue of the Firmware Updater providing the incorrect BLTouch/Non-BLTouch firmware for a given printer. Apologies for the inconvenience on that, I hadn’t seen many bug reports on it, but I’ve gone over the logic for that section and it should be patched for a build in the near future.

For a TAZ Pro XT with an M175v2 and the BLTouch Adapter, if you’re looking to get the Marlin 2.1 firmware for it you’ll want to download this binary file and then flash it to your 3D Printer using the “Upload Custom Firmware” option in Cura LE’s Firmware Updater. This firmware build is actually slightly newer than the one included in the last Beta release.


This firmware is still being worked on from the jump up to 2.1 and will continue to improve but (aside from a couple quirks already noted in this thread) it works and definitely has a couple improvements.

Hopefully that helps!


THANK YOU! I’ll give this a go
Is there a better route than the forum to give you feedback for improvements? I’d like to help you !

For direct reports or feedback about Cura LE, probably the place that it’ll be most likely to be seen would be by submitting an issue on our GitLab repository. I get notified any time one is created and it makes it easier to keep track of what needs to be looked at.


Having just busted out my taz4 after years of it sitting in my office idle, then waiting for a renovation to finish the last 1.5 years with it in storage & rebuilding said office…I need to do a sudden fits worth of printing.

Of course issues crop up.
Had a successful 1st print, then suddenly next print stop mid print.
3rd, success, 4 & 5 dead stop mid print.

A wee bit of hunting & in the forums I’m readingt of issues in taz4.
Yeah, not Rambo, since running on sd.
Doubt it’s controller, cool room, good air circulation, no indication is overheating.
Nothing suggests broken connections.
The power supply fan isn’t all that happy aftersitting pretty damn idle for so long, but otherwise seems ok.

After digging in to what seems to be gcode issues (especially since all evidence points to a repeating fail point) I get the joy of learning there’s a new cura!

Mine was only 8 or so years old version, so different the. Irritation convention changed…was on 18.1…& here we are at 4.13 :rofl:

Anywho…it turns out taz4 is the ugly redhead step child…no profile=no love.

So I’ve set up a slightly customized profile based off taz5.
Not to be a killjoy, but could us step children have our own profile plz!?

On another note, seems that tho the gcode & generic profile say pla is gonna run at 205, the Taz is suddenly reading 225

Did a rocktopus test, stringy…
Doing a piece that stalled earlier, we’ll see if the new cura output is without issue (aside from hot end temp mentioned)

So guys thanks for more cura, but can you help us stepkids with some taz4 profile love (and chase down the hotend generic pla temp overrun)


Ohhh, follow up question…any idea what pla spools labelled lulzbot shipped in 2016?

Just happen to have a couple.

Nothing labelled that in the presets :thinking::wink:

7-year old 2.85mm PLA on a toolhead that might have a hint of part cooling? That’s asking for trouble. And it appears you found it.

Buy some new ABS or PETG so that you’re not fighting that toolhead that was never designed with PLA cooling needs in mind.

Is their a link to the Change Log for LE and Beta?

@LulzMeister can you take a look at the recent firmwares?

There are posts from me and others where recently Octoprint is timing out when connected to machines.

Also, the start gcode in my Taz 6 with HS 1.2mm print head beeps when trying to start The M109 is calling out for variables which I think errors out the print from starting.

I just wanted to tag you and make you aware of this and the posts.

Sorry I didn’t see this right away, patch notes can be found here. As for the question about the firmware interacting with OctoPrint, I can hand that off to our firmware guys and see what they might know about it.

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