📢 Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 v2.4 Beta Testing - Now with more MAC in every download!

TAZ 6 Start Gcode is missing. Not sure how many of the tool head types but the Single Extruder for sure.

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I know this is a Cura thread, but perhaps you are in the firmware side too?
One thing I would advise is a bigger mesh grid for the Pro XT (and any BL Touch supported models), The 3 x 3 is quite small. 5x5 would be better

Where is the Change Log for Beta? I see 2.4 is out but I do not see a link on the download page to see what has changed from version to version?

I do [thank you] see it on the Release Notes page when you upgrade I’d just like to see what I am getting before installing!

4.13.0-Beta v2.4

Language on the Update Firmware page has been updated for clarity.

Updated firmware on the Mini 2, SideKicks 289/747, and TAZ Workhorse.

Reviewed and updated Galaxy Series quality profiles to be more accurate

Added PLA profiles for the AST285 Tool Head.

More profiles will be added for the Galaxy Tool Heads in the coming updates.

4.13.0-Beta v2.3

Fixed background color of add printer screen on MacOS Dark model

Fixed profiles not appearing for TAZ 5 and 6 single extruders

Minor spelling corrections

Expanding profile options for MET285

Consolidating Material Families

While you are at it, SLOW DOWN the probing. Also, raise the gantry more between probes. Lastly, make the probe points evenly spaced on the bed. The back 1/3rd is not being probed. And I am pretty sure the x/y probe offset defaults are dead wrong in the firmware.

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I’m not sure if its a setting on my computer or what, but I am unable to find the download link for the new version of the Beta. I go to the page and it shows the new version but there isn’t a button to download it anywhere.

Releases are now on software.lulzbot.com


The beta is still there, the page just works different now. Go to lulzbot.com, click the Cura LE button at the top, then click the icon for your OS below where it mentions 3.6.40. When it takes you to the next page to download you can choose 3.6.40 or the 4.13 beta to download.

Can you kindly sir allow a version for chrome & iPad os

All in-depth patchnotes should be added to this file prior to the release of a new version. We’ll likely add the most recent version’s patch notes to the main Cura LE page once we’ve determined we’re comfortable with it being our main stable release.

At the present time adding support for those two platforms would be a pretty low priority for us since demand for supporting them is low (most of our clients use Windows) and since Ultimaker Cura does not currently support them (to my knowledge) we would have to create build scripts specifically for them from scratch which would be a fairly large time investment that would likely be better used finishing up 4.13 and looking towards getting caught up with Ultimaker’s upstream and getting to 5. Potentially in the future this is something that could be looked into but for the moment I’d have to say unfortunately I don’t believe we have the bandwidth to add support for those, sorry.

Fair enough kind Sir

Thanks for that response
Can you comment on FW updates for the BL Touch supported models?

Im really liking the updated version of cura!
I’ve run into a strange issue though. The default print profiles for my taz 6 have completely vanished and I can’t seem to replicate them. Is there a file I can download to re-add them like there is for the 3.6 version?

Second thing I wanted to ask about is a feature request, Can we get a “keep heating the bed” toggle again? I don’t like leaving my bed hot after a print and I can’t find a way to turn it off after a print finishes. This was a feature in the 3.6 version So im hoping its hiding in the code somewhere and I just can’t find it.

Thank y’all for your time. ^-^

Just installed E4.13 v2.5 bata on my Mac Studio running macOS 13.5.2. I have a mini 1.5 with the latest firmware and LCD. A couple of things to note:

  1. Couldn’t get USB to work on Mac, use my PC as a test, says the firmware is wrong for my printer, but it’s the same version the software would install. I normally print from SD Card, so not a major issue.

  2. SL print head Nozzle size is set to 0.50, should be 0.25.

  3. Not a lot of options for settings. I’m assuming I can copy the settings from 3.x over to the Beta? Anyone else develop any Mini 1.x settings?

Everything else seemed to work as expected. I’ll continue to play. Is this the best place to report for general comments like this?


Need a brave soul to test out the new Taz Pro firmware released over the weekend.

Does v2.9’s Taz Pro Firmware fix the hotend timeout for the Pro and it’s tool heads?

I think the issue with timeouts is that the pro keeps the Z motors energized to keep the gantry from falling. Marlin sees that as movement, so it never times out the hot end. I don’t know if the Workhorse has this same issue with its belted Z, but the Mini 2 gets around it by using a separate “Z-brake” board.

The workhorse does have an hotend timeout. I was just curious since I made a thread about in that in May and got this official response.

Which is why when I reviewed the patchnotes, I noted that v2.9 had firmware that made the Pro “safer” than the previous firmware

Thus I wonder how the workhorse has a timeout if its held by the z axis motors based on what you said back then?

Is it because that would not be possible without Marlin 2?

They all run marlin 2 now, so that isn’t it, but the workhorse is on a Rambo board, not archim.

The Mini 2 Z-Brake board is controlled by the 24V power supply, so it is released anytime the printer is powered on. The control board can’t turn it on or off at will. It just prevents the Z from dropping when you turn the power off. Holding the Z axis in place when the printer is powered on is done with the Z motors, but with a reduced current from the run current.

Marlin has a compile option that can be turned on when compiling firmware to tell it to ignore the Z motors in the idle timeout code. This is what is used in the Mini 2 and Workhorse. I don’t remember the details of why it wasn’t working in the Pro, but with 2.1 firmware the hot end idle timeout should be working on the Pro as well.

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