Cura stopped working and won't open

I have been using Cura for about 4 months now. Today while slicing a project, the layers vier stopped working , so I shut it down and tried to restarting. I will see the circle telling me it’s launching, then the first screen that says it’s loading printers (or something like that) and then nothing happens.

I tried rebooting.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I always get the same result
double click Cura
round circle
first message
nothing else.

I have not installed any new software and the only other thing running at the time this problem occurred was Chrome and Thunderbird.
Computer is running Windows 10 home version 1607

Ok, only thing of I can think of, if you have not is to uninstall, reboot, install, reboot all while the USB is disconnected THEN try starting it up.

Only after it starts once then connect the USB cable.

After that, chicken blood and chants will be required. just pray we don’t need an pentagrams!