Cura wont stat up on my laptop

I have an aorus x5 laptop with windows 10. It is able to install Cura, but when I click on it to stat it, it shows the startup logo for a few seconds, then it disappears. Nothing loads up. Is there any other software I need to install to get it to run?

Im not sure exactly how cura works, but i dont think lulzbot specifically has it written or tested for windows 10. I remember reading that they test with windows 7.

I think cura is written in python, so its possible python is not running correctly on win10. You could try running in compatibilty mode and seeing if that works.

Try right-clicking on it and running it as administrator.

Also Ultimaker makes Cura. Lulzbot just tweaks settings and stuff for our machines. You may find more info re Win10 on the Cura forum:

A bit late to the thread but I wanted to add for future reference. This seems to be a problem with python and the graphics card driver. When I use the Nvidia K2000 and related driver in my Dell laptop, cura starts python but cura itself doesn’t start. When I use the video built into the laptop MB (switched in the BIOS), cura works fine. I’ll post more if I find a solution.