DIY Taz 6

This is my first test print. I still have a few things to work on before it is finalized.

I designed it for 280x280x340, but have yet to test the height. I used Noctua fans everywhere including the control box.
When I first started this project I budgeted it at ~$900.00, but probably went over budget by 200.000 to $300.00. Here is the model I designed
Let me know what you think.

Looks like a rail z axis instead of rods? Neat. Are you going to post the source files?

Lulzbot has the LCD case for sale if you want to install a stock one. Otherwise the Pablo Gil one on is also nice too.

Yes, I used linear rails on X, Y & Z you can see it working here Here is the model I designed
I can post any of the .STL or original files; I just need to get them organized ( I used Revit & Solidworks for some items). I really love the way this bot turned out; works a lot better than my Wanhao D4 or Cel Robox. I printed out a couple of LCD cases, but did not like the way they turned out. I actually just ordered an LCD case today from

Neat concept, i’d be interested in seeing them if you decide to post them. I know how much work goes into making a major modification like that heh.

Here are some pictures showing the max Z travel at 335mm. I can get it to go a little higher if I change my extruder cable routing, but I think I’ll just place it safe and leave it at 335. I believe the stock height is 250mm; therefore I’m gaining 85 more mm with this design. I have yet to print anything at that height; I was having issues with my extruder motor overheating and had to order a new one. Once I get my new motor in I will try and print something that is 335mm tall.

I’m updating the design as it progresses here is the latest model

Hey did you ever post your files ? I’d love to check them out also!