Fan connector?

I accidentally disconnected the 80mm fan that is blowing air on the rambo board in my Mini. I have managed to find the FAN2 connector, that was obscured by other cables. But I have no idea which way it was oriented. Also there was no picture in the various assembly directories on the UBS stick. Can somebody help me confirm the right orientation and connector?

Also is there a spare 12V (preferably) or a 24V connector on the board to connect another small fan to? It’s going to draw less than 20mA, so it shouldn’t load the mini’s power supply significantly.

Btw, oh dear god why do the design files for the Rambo have to be in Altium Designer of all the non-open-source software? And what is the unused 5x2 header at the bottom center for?

There is not a + or - marked on the board? If its just a DC fan motor nothing else, if it was connected in reverse the motor would run backwards. If your diagram is pointing to the black connector on the board they will usually only go on one way. You might want to wait for a more definitive answer.

That looks like the correct connector! You will want the red wire on the right.

And the right orientation judging by cable colors. Thanks guys! Seems to be the only connector, that is not secured.

GND usually towards closest edge of PCBs.