Flexystuder made from FLEXYDUALLY help

so. got a broken flexydually in a trade, took apart, printed flexystruder mount, put together…now my problem is… When I reflash my taz6 to a “flexystruder v2” head, the printer tries and home behind the print bed right behind the left rear bed level. So I reflash the taz6 to single head, and it works fine. just curious as to why this is homing to the wrong spot.

My first thought here would be something endstop related. When you built your new Flexystruder did you follow our assembly guide for the V2 Flexystruder here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/lulzbot-taz-flexystruder-v2-assembly/hot-end-tool-head-assembly/
The Flexystruder V2 for the Taz doesn’t have any endstops mounted on the toolhead so if one was added it might explain what you are seeing.

U nailed this one! Disconnected the wires and removed the end stop. Working perfectly!!! Thanks

Yay!!! Glad that I was able to help :slight_smile: Happy printing!