gaps and filament sputtering in print model

I have been using a Mini for about a year, and I just bought the Taz 6. The first week was good, now I see some incomplete lines in the print. Gapes and what looks like sputtering extrusion. This was an overnight print, so I didn’t see it in action, but I’m thinking its a filament issue, since it got better again at the end of the print. Any guess at what went wrong and how to prevent this ? See the attached picture. Thanks.
-Lost in New(TAZ)York

What type of filament?

At first glance it looks like the spool or filament got hung, starving the extruder of filament. Check the spool and make sure the filament is feeding properly. Sometimes at the beginning of the spool, filament uncoils and gets crossed over each other causing a “tangle”. Try unspooling a bit of the filament and ensure no binding in the spool.

Give the idler screws a few turns to tighten and get better bite on the filament.

If the filament is feeding smoothly, it could be related to heat creep… heatsink fan failing / bad connection.

Hey kcchen

Thanks for the analysis. I think your right, The spool of Village Plastics PLA had a big piece of filament on the inside of the spool where they start the reel. It looks like that contributed to a drag condition on the spool feed. A real fluke> I tightened up the clamp also. It’s running much better but I still don’t like the spacing between passes during X-Y movements, it has some slight gaps (.5 mm) could this also by related to filament feeding correctly?

Hmm… that looks like an extrusion issue. Are you specifying 100% flow rate (assuming you’re using Cura)? How about the settings for “Initial layer line width”? You could try increasing the initial layer line width to 150%.

That almost looks like a raft transition layer or something like that… sorry I’m more of a S3D guy than Cura.