Getting bad prints see picture

My print looks like the attached picture.

I tried changing the nozzle, different print settings (high quality, standard, etc.)
different 3d images to print. Obviously, different filament.

edit: I can’t upload a picture. How can I do that?
edit #2: evidently I can and just did.

any ideas?

Filament type? Printing temperature? Initial layer height? Initial flow rate? Z-offset? Print head you’re using? Printer model? Taz 5, 6, workhorse, pro, mini?

Looks like your first layer is having problems adhering to the bed. How clean is your print bed? I had similar problems with a TAZ5 and needed to 1. Clean the bed with alcohol wipes(school district I worked for had a big surplus). If that does not solve the problem 2. Get some 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and a little water(be careful around the electronics) and, starting from the center gently go over the print bed using circular motions. Clean bed with an alcohol wipe after doing this. If you are still having problems, Use Aqua-net hairspray(purple can) and lightly spray the print bed towards the end of the bed heating cycle and before the print job starts. Be careful not to over-spray Z and X axis mechanisms, Hope this helps.

Thanks for helping! I’ll try those suggestions. I changed out the nozzle and it worked fine. Then I changed filament and increased the size of my subject and it’s back to not sticking again.