TAZ 6 auto homing issue?

Hi All,

I moved a few months back and finally got things settled enough to setup my printer. I updated the firmware and installed the newest version of Cura on a new computer so it should be a pretty clean install.

I ran a few tests and noticed that the pre-print procedure is different than it used to be. Before it would (best I can remember):

  • Adjust the nozzle and bed temp
  • retract filament
  • wipe nozzle
  • find the 4 corner sensors
  • tap the z axis sensor
  • begin lowering filament again
  • start print

Now it sounds like it makes some adjustments to the z axis after it touches each corner and I can hear the motors move in small increments when they previously didn’t. When it tries to auto home, it seems to find all of the sensors properly but the print head carriage seems to bounce off of the X end stop twice before it goes on to the next axis and it does the same for Y. This seems new as I don’t recall seeing that before.

We’re there changes to these procedures during recent firmware updates, or do I have something else going on? Something seems off from what I remember. As far as I can tell the print looks just fine according to the settings I used.

The “tap the z axis sensor” occurs before “find the 4 corner sensors”. It is part of the G28 Auto Home. The first “double tap” is at a high speed, the second is slower to get a more accurate reading.

The G29 Bed Leveling is the 4 corner part. Again “double tap”, fast and slow for accuracy. The extra Z movement is for backlash adjustment.

For the most part, these changes were implemented completely in the firmware.

Thank you. That’s exactly the info I was looking for.