Homing issues with TAZ PRO

My TAZ PRO seems to not be able to align for self leveling. Whenever I stat my print, when the nozzle is supposed to touch the metal bed corners, it either misses on the first or second corner. It misses by a fraction of an inch, but it causes errors every time I print. This also has occurred with both the Dual extruder and the M175 toolhead. I made sure the firmware was set to the proper toolhead and was updated to the latest version. Nothing seems to work. What should I do?

What version of the M175 are you using? Recently we made updates to the printed parts on the M175 tool head, that may be causing issues. Could you give us the firmware version number you are using and which Cura LE version as well. Another thing to check is how far is the y-axis positioned from the frame on both sides ( measure from the far left and right extrusion to where the knobs securing the y-axis to the frame are)

I am using the first version of the M175 tool head. I have the Cura Lulzbot edition version 3.6.27-4

Feel free to try out 3.6.28, make sure to flash the M175v1 firmware and create a new slice of whatever you are printing to test the start gcode. If that does not solve your issue, you can adjust where your y-axis is positioned to get you up and printing.

Where do I get 3.6.28? Also, how can I upgrade the m175 toolhead to the V2 model?

Cura LulzBot Edition | LulzBot we have 3.6.28 available for windows and debian 9/10 .
v2-0 · master · LulzBot 3D / Tool Heads / M175 Tool Head · GitLab should be all the printed parts that we changed, reach out to support@lulzbot.com for more information.

EDIT: instructions found here https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/m175-v2-conversion-update/hot-end-tool-head-assembly/

Penn 1793 has mentioned the solution that helped me prior.

I had the same issue some months ago.

In my case the solution was ensuring the printer frame was square and that the jack screws on the left & right were both on the same horizonal plane.

(Using a ruler to measure the gap of the Y-carriage,
If adjustment is needed: Disable all steppers and turn the aluminum coupler at the bottom of the jack screw by hand until the Y-carriage is level. The attempt to print again.)

Switching to 3.6.28 and selecting V1 for the m175 toolhead seems to work so far. Ill be upgrading it to the V2 once the parts have been printed