How to adjust my Ysetting?

Hi how do I set the endpoints for the build plate (Y) on a mini v1?

when starting a print the plate extends forward and im experiencing a belt skipping/jamming sound since the plate is being forced forward more and the plate is already fulled extended in the forward position.

any help would be super appreciated have searched through maual and forum but havent seen any topics covering this yet.

thank you!


If you ‘home’ your Y axis… does it move back and bump the end-stop?

I’m wondering if you have a broken or disconnected wire. I’m not familiar with how the end-stop works on the Mini v1. On my printers, there’s no Y-max end-stop, but there is a Y-min end-stop. The printer knows the bed size (152 x 152mm) and knows it can move that far from the Y-min end-stop. But if it wasn’t actually starting from the ‘home’ position for Y (y min) because it didn’t home correctly… this would explain the behavior and noise you are hearing.

In another thread here, another user (different printer model) had to re-flash firmware to correct the problem.

When I home the Y axis the build plate moves to the front bumper and stops normally, No belt skipping jamming sound.
The sounds only occurs when the build is starting and the build plate for some reason wants to keep pushing forward more than its supposed to but it seems to be happening a little less. I’ll try to re flash thanks for the input much appreciated!