Lulzbot Mini 2 midway fail

I have a new lulzbot mini 2 and it’s keeps failing half way through prints no matter what I attempt to print. When it fails the top of the print appears very hair if that makes sense. Please help I’m willing to try anything.

You might want to tell us more about your configuration. What slicer (include version)? What firmware version is installed on the printer? Are you printing from an SD card or via USB? If USB, what is the printer connected to? Operating system (and version)?

I am using Cura 3.6.37 and printing from my computer via usb. I am using PLA from Push Plastics with the stock tip it came with. Firmware is

The more details you provide, the better help we can provide.

What temperature are you printing at? What other changes have you made to the profile?

You say the prints “fail half way through”. Can you express this in time, i.e. is it half way through a 5 minute print, a 5 hour print? You say “no matter what I attempt to print”. Are all your failing prints approximately the same size? Have you successfully printed anything?

After a failure, remove the filament from the printer and examine it. Does it have a semi-circular notch in the side?

To add to b-morgan’s questions:

Is the filament stripping, filament jamming, is there an error message on the printer? what are the temps before the failure?

Stolen from /r/fixmy3dprint:

I am attempting to print a benchie right now it gets half way through then starts making webs is the best way to describe it. It estimated the print to take an hour and fails at 30 minutes every time. I am printing and the default temp of 205C. I apologize for the vague details earlier and will try to be more descriptive of the problem

No error messages or anything that displays a problem on the printer or my laptop. The temp stays pretty steady at 204 or 205 C. No stripping or jamming from what I can tell.

Does it continue to think it’s printing in the air above the part when it fails, or does the printer stop in place?

Pictures of the failed part would definitely help some, and when it fails, fully retract the filament and give us a picture of the last 3-4 inches.

Which toolhead are you using? Single Extruder, Aerostruder SL/SE/HE/HS? There were multiple options that could be ordered with the Mini 2.

Is the software crashing or something else on your PC interrupting? Unless there is a significant, compelling reason, you should always print from SD card or dedicated sender like an octoprint.

The printer always keeps printer after the fail. I’ve used the SD card and my PC both with the same outcome. It has the aerostruder as well.

Here is the filament after it fails. Thanks in advance

The filament is definitely stripping out, and the stringiness on top of the print is what’s in the hot end oozing out while nothing is going in.

The teethmarks in the filament look ok to me, but on the deeper side.

Benchy’s layers look a little inconsistent. Did your printer’s feed rate get set above 100%?

No it didn’t. I’m really stuck here and haven’t found a solution yet just tweaking temperature and print speed now with little results. I have one almost finished benchie with about twenty or so fails

Don’t know if this helps but here is a closer look at the dots

Do you have another “control” filament you can put in and do a test with? It looks like the toolhead has been examined to death, but if something like your extruder’s stepper driver is failing due to heat, it should show with another filament.