Lulzbot pro print head bouncing

Been getting worse. Does this often now.

The bouncing is because the nozzle is too low and dragging across the infill.

I have been battling this same problem on my Taz Pro for 9 months now. What I have found is that doing a Nozzle Calibration (

Then I do a test print and check the Nozzle Z-Offset by watching the first layer to see if it is ‘too squished’ or ‘not squished enough’. My Z-Offet is set to -1.35mm at the moment.

I find that I have to redo this calibration process every 100 or so print hours.

No, the bouncing in my case was perpetual, as soon as you turn on the machine. I guess in my case an actuator in head 1 had failed. It’s been replaced, and I’ll be testing it shortly.

Oh, that is the actuator failing to find its position. The actuators are custom made for a Canadian company called Actuonix. I have a bunch of the same but longer and they give out relatively quickly. I would contact Lulzbot and if the printer is in warranty get a replacement. Otherwise you are dealing directly with Actuonix.