LulzBot TAZ 6 Desktop 3D Printer Available Today

Aleph Objects, Inc. Releases Highly Anticipated Upgrade to its Award-Winning Line

LOVELAND, COLORADO, USA – Aleph Objects, Inc., maker of the award-winning LulzBot line of desktop 3D printers, released the highly anticipated upgrade to the LulzBot TAZ. The LulzBot TAZ 6 is now available for purchase for US$2,500 on and through participating partners.

This re-engineered, self-replicating robot boasts major improvements like self-leveling, self-cleaning, and a fully integrated power supply. The LulzBot TAZ 6 also features dozens of new and community-driven improvements, including: improved firmware, more reliable components, support for new filament materials, improved heat sink and print cooling, and more.

“After tens of thousands of hours of testing and feedback, we are excited to be releasing the best LulzBot 3D printer to-date,” Aleph Objects, Inc. President and CEO Jeff Moe said. “We remain committed as ever to respecting user freedom and are proud that the new LulzBot TAZ 6 received the prestigious Respects Your Freedom Certification from the Free Software Foundation.”

After early testing, members of the community are excited about the newest addition to the LulzBot lineup:

“The TAZ 6 has been the single best out-of-the-box experience of any 3D printer I’ve ever used… Every detail feels like it’s been purposefully put there. Nothing is out of place.” - Thomas Sanladerer, 3D Printing Expert

“The LulzBot TAZ 6 is, in my opinion, the most complete 3D printer currently on the market” - Brent Hale, Read the full review here:

"Even if you’re new to printing, there really is nothing to fear as everything you need to set up and use the TAZ 6 is in the box, from print tool kit to printed guides.” - Alastair Jennings,

“The auto leveling system brought over from the Mini is an incredibly powerful feature that will save the user a lot of headaches and downtime due to bed leveling issues.” - Joel Telling, 3D Printing Nerd

“The TAZ 6 is clearly the pinnacle of development of the LulzBot TAZ printer line, with hassle-free printing due to its auto leveling and nozzle cleaning. The TAZ 6 is great for beginners and advanced users alike.” - James Bruton, XRobots (Sponsored)

The LulzBot TAZ 6 is built with an open filament format, compatible out-of-the-box with dozens of materials including PLA, HIPS, ABS, PET, Amphora™ co-polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, wood and metal composites, and more. The machine has tool head upgrades for flexible and multi-material printing. With one of the largest print volumes in its class, users can print objects nearly the size of a basketball.

All LulzBot 3D printers are built to last with quality components in Loveland, Colorado, USA. Each machine comes with one-year of live phone and email technical support, available seven days per week. The company also has an active user community, with thousands of members sharing new tips, tricks, and hacks on the LulzBot Forum. Learn more today at
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About: Founded in January 2011 and built on the philosophy of freedom, Aleph Objects, Inc. is a Free Software, Libre Innovation, and Open Source Hardware company. Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, USA, Aleph Objects designs, develops, and manufactures the LulzBot ® line of 3D printers, parts, and plastics. Find a full press kit here:

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Hi, i have this printer and works amazing but im having two problems, i dont know if someone can help me, im noob on this.

1._ It is possible print with 1.75 filament size on this ? i have too much material and i cant sell it. I wish to use this filaments on my new printer

2._ Im having problems with the plataform adhesion, always the piece is moving then im fixed it putting an adhesive to the brim meanwhile is printing.

Sorry my bad english but im looking for help. Thanks!!

You want to post this in the general Taz forum, not this announcement post. More people will see it in the main forum. To answer your questions though, 1. Yes. It will print good, but not great as is in stock configuration with 1.75mm. You can convert the extruder body, hot end and nozzle to 1.75 mm though and print with it directly and get best results. You need a 1.75mm AOL edition hexagon hotend, a 1.75mm idler and body (I recommend this one and a 1.75mm 0.5mm nozzle. Using the existing extruder parts with those you can make a 1.75mm one, but be aware that will void your extruder warranty probably. You could also just build an entire second extruder.

  1. Bed adhesion depends on several things. If you are printing with abs, make sure the bed is at 110c , lower the Z height offset setting distance to move the nozzle closer to the bed, and make sure your fills mentioned diameter setting is set correctly in cura (the default is 2.85mm)

Thanks! and sorry my fault!!