MakerBot-Tough PLA material

Has anyone used MakerBot Tough PLA material on their Lulzbot printers?
I’m sort of on a quest to find the most universal, best performing, strongest under all conditions Holy Grail of Plastic filament.
I’m very happy so far with my TAZ 6 printer.
I print with PLA, ABS, nGen and NinjaFlex without printing troubles.
Since Makerbot and Stratasys are really not willing to share information, I was just wondering if anyone knows what type of
material Tough PLA actually is?
In the only documentation I could find, Makerbot is claiming that one can actually make Living Hinges out of ToughPLA.
Since that material is not available in 0.3mm dia size, maybe someone knows what type of material this is.

Just a question I cannot answer myself